Is there a maximum on betting?

You can only buy 200 euro of playingcredits with your telephone every 24 hours. This measure is taken to keep possible telephone frauds at bay.

Is there a limit on playing accounts?

There is only one playaccount allowed per IP adres and/or per player. Creating several accounts on one IP adress is not possible. When me notice that there is more then one active account on one IP adress, the accounts created lasts will be removed. This will make logging in to these acocunts impossible. It's also not permitted to access this site as one person under multiple IP adresses, and use these IP adressses to use different accounts. In this case, the accounts will be removed also.

Will my credits be saved on my account?

When you log out after playing, or close the slotmachine, your credits will be saved on your personal Fruitkingsplaza account. This means that you can log in next time you want to play on your account with your logindata, and be able to play with the credits you have left.

Are there any rules against abuse?

When we expect that our system is being taken advantage of in any way, when there is being called to us on somebody elses expense then the player, or any other abusive conduct is detected, any won amounts will not be payed out before an investigation has taken place.

Only after we have concluded that the playing behavior was not abusive, we will pay out the won amounts. We will contact the justice department if there have been serious violations, and the player will be excluded from further participation in the future.

How do I request a payout?

You will find the button 'Payout' under the register menu. Here you can payout your won credits. You can only request a payout in real-mode, and if you have a minumum of 100 credits (Eur 10) on your WON meter. Only won credits are elligable for a payout, this to keep out money loundrers.

ATTENTION! Fill in your bankdata carefully because we pay your winning with help from this data. If this data is not correct, we will not be able to process the payout.

Payout history

Here you will find all the payout transactions that you have requested. When you request a payout, it will be marked with 'pending'. This means we are processing your payment.

Payout requests are processed on weekdays within 24 hours. When you request a payout on friday or in the weekend, your payout request will be processed on monday. It can take 5 workdats before your bank has deposited the money into your account.
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